Smudging and Clearing Set


The perfect combination of Palo Santo and selenite to help cleanse and clear your energy and your space. Palo Santo is a holy wood in which the smoke is used for clearing stagnant or negative energy from a space. Selenite is a powerful crystal used to recharge and amplify positive energy. You can use the smoke from the Palo Santo wood to clear your aura or cleanse the energy of your home, and then place the selenite stick anywhere you wish to amplify and charge your home with positive white light energy. 

Palo Santo is revered for it's ability to cleanse your energy and the space around you. Burning Palo Santo helps get rid of stuck, stagnant or unwanted energy from your aura and your home, or wherever you use it. Our Palo Santo is ethically & sustainably sourced in order to protect the tree's an environment.


Palo Santo Options:

- Ecuadorian Palo Santo (has a naturally sweeter scent)

- Peruvian Palo Santo (has a naturally spiced/cinnamon scent)

Set Options:

- Palo Santo + Selenite Tower

- Palo Santo + Selenite Stick


Our Palo Santo is Ethically & Sustainably sourced only from naturally fallen Bursera trees in Peru and Ecuador.