Love & Beauty Set


The Love & Beauty Set is designed to help boost confidence and beauty while also magnetizing love and romance into your life. Lepidolite has a high concentration of lithium which is known to ease anxiety and boost your mood, this aids in elevating your energy and raising your level of confidence. Rose Quartz is great for attracting love and romance, and also works by emanating the Venusian energy of beauty around your aura. Light Amethyst emits a royal energy that helps attract worthy suitors, while also helping to break any negative patterns in love so that you can attract the love you truly deserve. If you're looking to call in romance and elevate your energy, this is the perfect combination of gemstones. 


3 Piece Set:

-Light Amethyst Charmed Satellite Bracelet ($66)

-Light Lepidolite Orbital Bracelet ($44)

-Madagascar Rose Quartz Mini Satellite Bracelet ($55)

$165 value for $159


5 Piece Set:

-Medium Gold-Fill Bracelet ($77)

-Small Gold-Fill Bracelet ($55)

$297 value for $288


Amethyst is a royal stone. Worn by many kings, queens, priests and other leaders for its mystical protection and ability to keep one attuned and focused. Having this beautiful crystal on or near you, raises your vibration, and stimulates the third eye, crown and etheric chakras, opening you up to the higher realms and cosmos, and guiding one through spiritual awakenings. This crystal can guides one through astral realms, and enlighten one to deep cosmic knowledge. Amethyst is also a protective stone, transmuting and dispelling negative energies, and clearing the energy of any space, including your own aura. It is great for reiki, since this crystal can aid the practitioner in opening themselves to the higher spiritual planes, and simultaneously clearing the clients energy of unwanted vibrations and frequency. 

Lepidolite is known for its high concentration of Lithium, which is the active compound commonly used in anti-anxiety medications. In times of stress and chaos, this stone can be used to foster a sense of tranquility and peace, as well as cultivate a sense of joy and gratitude. Lepidolite helps you to remove any blocks that are preventing you from true happiness by helping to relieve stress, anxiety and overthinking. This is a great crystal for raising your vibration and getting in alignment with the highest version of yourself. By stimulating the crown chakra and opening you to the higher realms, Lepidolite can also attune one to higher cosmic energies and access the Akashic Records, as well as assist in astral travel. 

Rose Quartz is a gentle and tender crystal, and holds metaphysical properties centered around love, compassion, and emotional healing. Known as the "Stone of Love," it emanates a soothing energy that nurtures all forms of love ,self-love, romantic love, and unconditional love for others. Its connection to the Heart Chakra promotes emotional balance and healing, helping to release past hurts, traumas, and negative emotions. Rose Quartz encourages forgiveness, empathy, and understanding, fostering harmonious relationships and a sense of inner peace. This crystal's delicate pink hue symbolizes love's universal essence, making it a cherished tool for cultivating self-acceptance, deepening connections, and inviting an abundance of love and compassion into one's life.


Materials: Our beaded bracelets are made with high quality stretch nylon thread. Any gold components are gold-fill, which is basically a much larger plating of gold beyond the normal thickness of standard plating, which ensures your jewelry will be lasting much longer than traditional plated jewelry.


Any gemstone beads are authentic real crystals that are cut and polished into beads, unless otherwise clearly stated in the description. 


Sizing: We like to make our bracelets per-order to fit each of our unique customers wrist sizes. If you do not know your wrist size, there are many printable size guides online.

*Bracelets pictured are 6 inches in size. Larger sizes will have more beads.


Care: Since our beaded bracelets are made with high quality gold-fill, they are water resistant and will last a very long time. Although we still recommend removing your jewelry prior if it is being exposed to water for long periods of time. This ensures that your jewelry will be looking magically new for many years to come! 

If you would like to clean your jewelry, we recommend spot cleaning using mild soap and water, and no abrasive cleaners or products. We also recommend drying your jewelry immediately after.