Blue Tigers Eye Tumbled Stone


Blue Tigers Eye is a rare crystal that connects with the Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus and Throat chakras, enabling one to access more of their inner power, strength, courage and authentic voice. If you desire to speak with more clarity, confidence and conviction, keeping this crystal on or around you will boost your communication skills and help you master your voice. Also known as Hawk's Eye, this crystal is great for improving clarity, vision and intuition. If you're deeply seeking out a goal or specific outcome, Blue Tigers Eye can help you better navigate the path to achieving it by enhancing your inner guidance and understanding. This crystals helps with expanding your horizons, gaining the courage and clarity you need to overcome obstacles and achieve better outcomes.

Keywords: inner power, strength, courage, authenticity, communication, confidence, clarity, vision, intuition, & inner guidance.

*Price is per piece*