Angel Aura Crackle Quartz Tower


Angel Aura Quartz is made by combining silver and platinum with quartz, causing a beautiful rainbow effect in the quartz crystal. This stone is called 'Aura Quartz' since it connects deeply to ones aura, and creates a stronger, more powerful auric field. It heals all chakras since its rainbow energy connects with all the vibrational color bodies in our energy field. Angel Aura Quartz is a crystal of pure angelic optimism and happiness.


Quartz is a magnifying stone. It amplifies the energy of anything around it, and even intentions you put into it. It can help aid in manifestation by intensifying the energy behind your desires, and even give a boost to your own personal energy. Quartz is good for manifesting anything and everything you desire since it boosts the energy of whatever it surrounds into love and light and expansion. This gorgeous gem also offers tons of insight by decreasing mental fog and promoting clarity of mind and helping to find solutions or answers, like taking a magnifying glass to any part of your life that you require. Be prepared to amplify the energies around you, increase your ability to manifest, and also get clear on what no longer serves you. Since this stone will magnify everything, it will offer the clearest insight to what you don't need in your life any longer, and also amplify what you DO really want.

Crackle quartz is a form of regular quartz with many internal ‘inclusions’ which creates a rainbow effect just like a prism does when light passes through it. 

These stones also have an angel aura coating which acts as color therapy. This allows one to tune into all the chakras and have a deeper connection to the energy of the crackle quartz. It also stimulates all chakras.

*Price is per piece*

-The Gem Goddess