Aventurine brings in prosperity in all forms. It helps manifest material abundance and increases wealth. Aventurine also opens creative energy channels in the body, allowing one to expand their conscious mind to new realms of possibility. Simultaneously it also amplifies confidence to those who are around it, while also muting anxieties and depression. It is a contributor to the well-being of the heart and helps to bring new opportunities and good luck. It is associated with the heart chakra, bringing comfort, protection and harmony to the heart, and can also attract love. Aventurine is a stone of prosperity, personal growth and can help to enhance creativity and intelligence. You can also use this stone to release from negativity and energy blockages. It carries a soothing energy which makes it a great tool to aid in working through emotional issues. It promotes compassion and empathy, promotes feelings of well-being, and encourages perseverance. This stone has an anti-inflammatory effect that can help with allergies and migraines, and is a great healer for the heart, sinuses, and lungs.

*Price is per piece*

-The Gem Goddess