Amazonite Sphere


Amazonite is a beautiful crystal that is amazing for any throat chakra stimulation. If you want to work on your communication and charisma, this crystal is for you. It even aids with creating clear communication between two people if programmed correctly between the two individuals. If you have any speeches, performances, or you are just wanting to enhance your connection with your voice, this stone will help you own and perfect your communication skills. The energy this stone emits is pure and vibrant. Since Amazonite rules the throat chakra, this crystal also brings truths to the surface. It clears emotional blocks around communication, connecting you to your higher self and bringing out the locked away voice you didn't even know you had. Get ready to communicate from the real you, especially if you have had struggles in doing this naturally. Amazonite is also especially effective at clearing fears around speaking, and is a great stone to keep with you when you need do any public speaking. It's a calm and peaceful stone that rids stress, anxiety and even depression. Amazonite is known for its anti-anxiety properties, and is probably one of the best crystals for curing and treating it. This beautiful stone is made in the amazon river, and it is said to capture the soothing, flowing water within it. It's beautiful energy flow of the river washes away any negative debris in its energy field. Wearing, or even having this crystal on you, or near you, will wash away any troubling thoughts or emotions, leaving you in blissful yet excited state. Since the water where it is formed is always flowing, it helps the energy flow of whatever space it is in, or whoever it is in contact with. Having better flowing energy helps with ones overall wellbeing. 

*Price is per piece*