Angel Aura Howlite Tower


Angel Aura Howlite is a captivating crystal imbued with a serene and celestial energy, and combines the tranquil properties of Howlite with the iridescent allure of Angel Aura. This unique fusion is believed to bestow a sense of calm and balance, while soothing turbulent emotions and reducing stress. It is known to enhance communication with higher realms, offering a gateway to angelic guidance and spiritual insights. This crystal is often embraced for its capacity to aid in dreamwork and enhance one's connection to their subconscious mind, fostering a deeper understanding of hidden emotions and inner truths. Angel Aura Howlite's gentle yet powerful vibration is said to resonate with the crown chakra, promoting spiritual growth, inner reflection, and a harmonious connection to the ethereal realm. Howlite is known to increase focus, concentration, productivity, and performance. When combined with Angel Aura, this unique crystal raises the vibration of anything you do and emanates an angelic frequency to boost the vibe of your endeavors. 


Size: Each howlite tower is approximately 3.5-4 inches tall

Price per piece