Divinity Neckband


Rainbow Moonstone is a mesmerizing and iridescent gem, and possesses metaphysical properties that center around intuition, balance, magic and spiritual growth. Revered as a stone of inner guidance, it's believed to enhance one's intuition and connection to the subconscious mind, offering insights and clarity to navigate life's complexities. With a strong association to the Crown Chakra, Rainbow Moonstone is thought to aid spiritual development, fostering a deeper connection to higher realms and one's own spiritual nature. Its play of colors is said to reflect the full spectrum of human emotions, making it a valuable companion for emotional healing and balance. As a symbol of the goddess and the moon, this crystal resonates with feminine energy, offering a harmonious blend of intuition, wisdom, and emotional well-being. Rainbow Moonstone also helps with lucid dreaming, magic and manifestation.

Fun fact, ancients believed that the blue flashes within Rainbow Moonstone was fire trapped within the stone.

Materials: This necklace is 14k gold-filled (which is a much thicker plating of gold than traditional plated jewelry), but we recommend that it still be removed when showering or sleeping in order to ensure that it lasts as long as possible! The stones are natural rainbow moonstone.

Sizing: This necklace comes on a fully adjustable chain that can match any neck size!