Mini Rainbow Fluorite Tower


Rainbow Fluorite is a very special sought after stone offering amazing cleansing abilities for the chakras. Mainly, this crystal touches the upper chakras, heightening intuitive abilities and mental clarity, and connecting our mind with the cosmos. This gorgeous gem aids in astral travel, spiritual experiences and dreams. Harmonizing spiritual energy, grounding and balance are all things that rainbow fluorite provides. It helps one find stability amidst chaos, and gifts us a calm and peaceful environment. Meditating with Fluorite can help cleanse the mind and gain mental clarity in situations where we feel foggy or unsure of our direction. It can help you see the right path when you feel cloudy or uncertain, and give insight to answers you seek. Fluorite also absorbs negative energies from our environment, creating lots of peace and positivity around us, but also requires this crystal to be cleansed often, to keep it emanating its beautiful, tranquil energy.

*Price is per piece*