Rose Quartz Perfume Bottle Necklace


This rose quartz necklace twists open at the top and is able to hold a couple milliliters of your favorite perfume or essential oil. This magical item can be used for anointing yourself with essential oils or other perfumes in order to absorb the powerful qualities of different oils or perfumes. 

Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love. Whether thats self love, or in a relationship, rose quartz promotes deep connection and romance. Strengthening the bond with yourself and with others, this crystal emits passion on all levels. Ruling the heart chakra it can heal past hurt, trauma and loss. Getting rid of stagnant energy that holds us back from our purest form of self love, and helps us radiate stronger with our loved ones. It can even aid in attracting love to you. Rose quartz helps us feel less alone, especially after teaching us to love from within ourselves. Attracting a spouse, or even a friend, this crystal brings us all pure forms of love, creativity, passion and romance.

Materials: This necklace is 14k gold plated brass 

Sizing: This necklace comes on a 22 inch satellite chain