Dainty Adjustable Crystal Choker


Crystal healing for your throat chakra! This choker is adjustable up to 20 inches long and can fit any neck size. 

Benefits of the different crystals:

Labradorite: Spiritual awakening and lucid dreaming

Rose Quartz: Manifest love and beauty

Garnet: Manifest passion, creativity and a magnetic aura 

Amethyst: Manifest wealth and breaking old habits and addictions

Aquamarine: Manifest calmness, ease and clarity + express yourself with ease

Clear Quartz: Amplifies your energy and your ability to manifest

Moonstone: Amplifies your energy and balances your chakras + emanates lunar goddess energy

Citrine: Manifest wealth, money and abundance

Amazonite: Self expression and manifest more flow and ease


Materials: This necklace is gold-plated, and should still be removed when showering or sleeping in order to ensure that it lasts as long as possible!


Sizing: This necklace comes on a fully adjustable chain that can extend to 20 inches