Carnelian Tumbled Stone


Carnelian is a very strong, bold and powerful stone. A crystal worn by warriors, and even by lovers, to increase passion, power, love and fierce energy. It is a great tool to increase confidence and courage. Carnelian is amazing for boosting creativity and inspiration. If you ever feel stuck or unmotivated, this beautiful gem will give you a boost of powerful energy and drive. The energy of Carnelian is an intense expansion of creative light, allowing ones mind to extend into realms of great inspiration and spontaneity. This fiery stone is also amazing for enhancing speech, especially if you have a tendency to be shy. Carnelian promotes a strong, bold and direct voice, which is also great for singers or performers, to light up the stage with powerful grace and energy. It is amazing for increasing energy and vitality, especially if you need the motivation and strength to get more physical in your day to day life, wether thats in the gym, at work, or even in the bedroom.

*Price is per piece