Pyrite Ascend Ring


Pyrite, known as "Fool's Gold," emanates a robust and grounding energy that resonates with the element of fire. Revered for its potent metaphysical properties, this mineral is believed to inspire confidence, willpower, and manifestation of one's desires. Its reflective surface and golden luster symbolize wealth and abundance, both material and spiritual, inviting prosperity into one's life. Pyrite is thought to shield against negative energies and enhance the aura's protective field, promoting vitality and a sense of empowerment. By activating the solar plexus chakra, it encourages clarity of thought, creativity, and a boost in self-esteem, enabling individuals to overcome challenges and establish a steadfast connection to their inner strength.


Materials: This ring is gold-filled, which is a thicker plating of gold than normal gold-plated jewelry which ensures that your jewelry will be lasting as long as possible. We recommend that this ring still be removed when showing or swimming in order to ensure that it lasts as long as possible! The stones are pyrite.


Sizing: This ring is adjustable and can fit most ring sizes!