Good Luck Set


The Good Luck Set is made for attracting luck, good fortune, prosperity, confidence and happiness!


Included (3 piece set):

-Mini Citrine Bracelet ($33)

-Charmed Blue Fluorite Bracelet ($55)

-Charmed Green Fluorite Bracelet ($55)

$143 value for $133


Included (5 piece set):

-Mini Citrine Bracelet ($33)

-Charmed Blue Fluorite Bracelet ($55)

-Charmed Green Fluorite Bracelet ($55)

-Small Gold Fill Accent Bracelet ($55)

-Medium Gold Fill Accent Bracelet ($77)

$275 value for $266


Green Fluorite is known for creating harmony and balance in the heart chakra, as well as attract money, abundance and success in business. This crystal is great for enhancing ideas and creating constructive, compassionate communication. Green fluorite is also known to be a good luck charm for any business or career ventures!

Citrine is a vibrant and sunny crystal, and is revered for its metaphysical properties associated with abundance, positivity, and manifestation. Often referred to as the "Merchant's Stone" or "Success Stone," Citrine is believed to attract wealth, opulence, success, and prosperity. It's thought to carry the energy of the sun, bringing warmth, optimism, and confidence to its bearer. Citrine is used to enhance creativity, boost self-esteem, and dissipate negative energies. This crystal is also believed to stimulate the Solar Plexus Chakra, promoting personal power, motivation, and a sense of purpose. As a symbol of light and positivity, Citrine is embraced for its ability to infuse joy, enthusiasm, and an abundant mindset into one's life. 

Blue Fluorite is known for enhancing communication and creativity. It connects to the throat chakra and helps heal and balance its energy. Blue Fluorite is a rare stone that also helps create more clarity, memory, awareness and presence. 


Materials: Our beaded bracelets are made with high quality stretch nylon thread. Any gold components are gold-fill, which is basically a much larger plating of gold beyond the normal thickness of standard plating, which ensures your jewelry will be lasting much longer than traditional plated jewelry.

Silver: Silver components are 925 sterling silver filled.

Any gemstone beads are authentic real crystals that are cut and polished into beads, unless otherwise clearly stated in the description. 


Sizing: We like to make our bracelets per-order to fit each of our unique customers wrist sizes. If you do not know your wrist size, there are many printable size guides online.

*Bracelets pictured are 6 inches in size. Larger sizes will have more beads.