High Vibes Bracelet Set


The High Vibes Set is designed to help boost happiness, joy, and radiant energy. This set will increase self love, confidence, energy and help you find your voice and purpose. 


-Charmed Purple Sea Sediment Bracelet ($33)

-Charmed Madagascar Rose Quartz Bracelet ($33)

-Blue Apatite Nugget Bracelet ($66)

$132 value for $122


Blue Apatite is an amazingly powerful stone for opening the throat chakra and allowing clear, confident and powerful communication. This stone helps with speaking, presenting ideas, and creativity. If you want to open the throat chakra more and create more flow and harmony in your life, this is the stone for you.

Purple Sea Sediment is a manmade form of jasper that helps increase intuition and connects your to your higher self. This stone clears and opens the crown, third eye and throat chakra and is great for increasing creativity, awareness, and uplifts your consciousness. 

Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love. Whether thats self love, or in a relationship, rose quartz promotes deep connection and romance. Strengthening the bond with yourself and with others, this crystal emits passion on all levels. Ruling the heart chakra it can heal past hurt, trauma and loss. Getting rid of stagnant energy that holds us back from our purest form of self love, and helps us radiate stronger with our loved ones. It can even aid in attracting love to you. Rose quartz helps us feel less alone, especially after teaching us to love from within ourselves. Attracting a spouse, or even a friend, this crystal brings us all pure forms of love, creativity, passion and romance.

Madagascar rose quartz is a higher quality rose quartz with rutile mineral deposits within that create a 'star' effect when bright light shines on the surface. Rutile is an antennae-like crystal that amplifies the wearers' connection to cosmic energy, and allows your intentions to expand with that same amplification.


Materials: Our beaded bracelets are made with high quality stretch nylon thread. Any gold components are gold-fill, which is basically a much larger plating of gold beyond the normal thickness of standard plating, which ensures your jewelry will be lasting much longer than traditional plated jewelry.

Silver: Silver components are 925 sterling silver filled.

Any gemstone beads are authentic real crystals that are cut and polished into beads, unless otherwise clearly stated in the description. 


Sizing: We like to make our bracelets per-order to fit each of our unique customers wrist sizes. If you do not know your wrist size, there are many printable size guides online.

*Bracelets pictured are 6 inches in size. Larger sizes will have more beads.


Care: Since our beaded bracelets are made with high quality gold-fill, they are water resistant and will last a very long time. Although we still recommend removing your jewelry prior if it is being exposed to water for long periods of time. This ensures that your jewelry will be looking magically new for many years to come! 

If you would like to clean your jewelry, we recommend spot cleaning using mild soap and water, and no abrasive cleaners or products. We also recommend drying your jewelry immediately after.