Mini Ankh Necklace


The Ankh, an ancient Egyptian symbol often called the "Key of Life," carries metaphysical properties rooted in life, wisdom, and eternity. Representing the merging of male and female energies, it symbolizes balance and harmony. The Ankh is thought to hold the power of life and creation, offering protection, vitality, and a connection to higher realms. Used as a talisman for health and well-being, it's believed to amplify life force energy, fostering spiritual growth and a deeper understanding of existence. As a potent emblem of divinity and everlasting life, the Ankh has been venerated as a conduit of cosmic energies, inviting wisdom and a profound connection to the mysteries of existence.


Materials: The Ankh necklace is made with high quality 24k gold-fill, which is a much larger plating of gold beyond the normal thickness of standard gold-plated jewelry, which ensures your jewelry will be lasting much longer than traditional gold-plated jewelry. 

Sizing: 18 inch Gold-fill dainty tube satellite chain